Manchester Orchestra has released a new album, “The Million Masks of God”.

It is a masterpiece.

The Million Masks of God is an introspective journey through the lead singer’s struggle to accept the mortality of himself and loved ones. With the opening song, Inaudible, Manchester hooks and sinks you into the immersive experience that they so masterfully composed. As you enter their world, reality fades away and time loses meaning. All that exists is pure, raw, unrestricted emotion. The outpourings of the deepest part of the soul, so deep you almost forgot it was there. There were many moments of grandeur so intense you could feel it’s strength. At the same time, there were many moments of soft tenderness and melancholy. This balancing act was wonderfully successful, culminating in the ending song The Internet, a commentary on the immense effect it has had not only on our day-to-day lives, but also on our personal relationships, self-esteem, sense of meaning and importance, and more. I think it was a fantastic ending to an album with such moving emotional pieces interwoven between “classic” rock songs without straying far from the subject.

My Favorites:

Annie. What a beautiful song that is. The line “In a desperate vain attempt to talk to God
I saw, I saw” is incredibly impactful (so much impact). The “I saw, I saw” line repeats twice more in the song, each time hitting you like another sucker punch.

I absolutely love Way Back, though the whole song is amazing, I’d like it if not just for the ending:

“That I won’t stop breathing
I know (So young to fall)
That I won’t (So learn to fall)
Stop (So learn to fall)

And man oh man, Keel Timing. So many beautiful lines in that beautiful song. I especially loved:

“Something insidе my head, growing
Something inside my chest, growing”


“Yeah, all I do is repeat myself
There’s comfort in the constant quell
Now I’m awake and I don’t know how

And this review would be a travesty if I didn’t mention Dinosaur. What a fucking jam man. And, just like he said in Keel Timing,

“I will not repeat myself
So love me now
’Cause I just can’t redeem myself
From all the lies I told myself would help
From all my faults I blame on someone else”

…he repeats himself. Pretty clever. Awesome lyrics too. it fucking rocks.

gotta see them in concert

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