an astronaut in space floats freely

free, free from contact with anything but his spacesuit

this was his dream, he had made it to space

though alone, and this he did not consider

he wanted to be free from the chains of the Earth

free from the chains of the…

Manchester Orchestra has released a new album, “The Million Masks of God”.

It is a masterpiece.

The Million Masks of God is an introspective journey through the lead singer’s struggle to accept the mortality of himself and loved ones. With the opening song, Inaudible, Manchester hooks and sinks you into…

Everything is changing. Every moment has infinite amounts of change in an infinitesimal amount of time. Each permutation, each transition into a new state begets another new state, and so on. It comes as quickly as it goes. Only existing for an infinitely small instant in the eternal universal metamorphosis…

This is such a loaded question and my answer will probably change over time. But not by much, that’s for sure. I’m just gonna give you an overview of goals I’d like to accomplish and the way I think is the right way for me to live.

I would like…

Dusty dirty old wood floor

battered broken busted door

boring messes, tattered decor

falling apart, beyond restore

roughened raw cheap leather chair

shards of glass that gives off glare

scattered clumps of matted hair

and a musty smell in heavy air

Long ago this place was new

‘Cause it had…

Throughout our lives we learn to hate things. Maybe it started with a villain in a book or a movie. Maybe it started with a food, “I hate carrots!”. It could be just about anything. We as humans love to hate that which deserves to be hated. Of course, what…

In case you haven’t realized it yet, climate change is going to fuck us. Bad. Boo hoo, cry me a river. But don’t deny it, don’t ignore reality because it sorta sucks. We had time, we didn’t use it, and the energy demands of 7 billion people says nothing is…

An opening question to the reader: At what point in your life did you begin to get a feeling that something is wrong? You can’t quite put your finger on it, so you shrug it off and think nothing of it. But the nature of the feeling leaves an imprint…

Liam Sadek

I like to write when the inspiration comes.

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